What is a Neural Network?

Image Citations: https://paulvanderlaken.com/ and https://www.neuraldesigner.com/
  • Simple (antiquated) Answer: A neural network is a mathematical tool, loosly inspired by neural the connections in the brain, to make a decision based on complicated input.
  • A Better Answer: A tool from machine learning for doing nonlinear classification and regression.


If you were given a new \((x,y)\) ordered pair, how would you classify it? Could you write a rule that a computer could understand?

Let's Play

Go to this site:
  • Select the correct data set
  • Select the amount of noise
  • Select an architecture
  • Press the large play button

  • Your goal is to get a neural network that is able to classify data such as this.
  • Put questions on the board as they arise in your group.